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Continuing Education Workshop Zoom Information

Zoom Meeting Codes are sent by email to registered attendees 2-3 days prior to each training. If you have not received the codes within one day of a training you are registered for, please check your inbox and your spam folder then email us at


Additional Information:

  • **Before you join the meeting please try to change your participant name to your full name. You can typically enter your full name right below where you enter the Meeting ID. If you cannot change your name before joining please change your name after you enter or type your name into the chat box (this is NOT your sign-in, please see above for sign-in information).

  • Zoom works best and has the most functionality if you have the application downloaded onto your computer or tablet.

  • To learn more about Zoom and to download the application and test your system please visit:

  • You should not need to log into Zoom or have a Zoom account in order to join/attend this training. Visit this link for step-by-step instructions on joining a Zoom Meeting:

  • If you have never used Zoom before we suggest you test your system ahead of time and watch the video above – we also suggest you log on early after the “doors open” to the training to avoid any last minute issues.  As the training begins, our staff will be working to start the presentation and make announcements.  We may not be able to provide support if you wait until the training begins to contact us with difficulty logging in.

  • The basic system requirements to attend is that you MUST be able to watch the video presentation and listen to the training in real-time at all times throughout the training and use the chat features to ask/answer questions.  Because of the requirement that you must watch the training, we cannot allow call-in only participants. 

  • There may be interactive portions of our trainings, with opportunities to turn on your own video and microphone and interact with the presenter and/or other attendees.  However, you are not required to use your own video/microphone to participate. You must be able to type into the chat to participate during the interactive portions of the training.

  • Participation is mandatory and participants must be present in Zoom for the FULL TRAINING. Just like our in-person trainings, anyone who misses a portion of the training will have those credits deducted from their CE certificate.

  • You are required to sign in separately online via our virtual sign-in sheet and complete an online evaluation.  Both links are provided numerous times for attendees in the chat, announcements, and shared on screen via Powerpoint. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION – these are one of the many methods we use to track who is present and participating in Zoom.

  • You may send questions prior to the training to info@marylandceu.comor submit a Contact form on our Contact Us page through


Full policies and procedures can be viewed on our Terms of Service page. If you have questions that are not addressed above or in the Terms of Service please submit your question through our Contact form.

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