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Ethical Decision-Making Models: An Experiential Training for Addressing Ethical Dilemmas

Live Real-Time Interactive Webinar

Have you ever faced a practice situation where there did not seem to be a clear path forward? One where you were forced to make a decision though there did not seem to be a good overall solution? Given enough time in the helping professions, you will face an ethical dilemma. This workshop will explore ethical decision-making models as tools for addressing those challenging practice cases.  

The workshop will begin with an overview of ethical dilemmas and ethical decision-making models with a focus on explaining one such model in detail. We will then work through various practice cases, applying the decision-making model to explore the case from a variety of perspectives. We will address the importance of moral awareness and intention through the process. The workshop will offer lecture time as well as group application time. Participants will be invited to share practice dilemmas they’ve faced and to work together in groups to apply the presented model.   

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About the Course

September 22, 2023


Live Real-Time Interactive Webinar

12:45PM-4:00PM ET

Credit Hours - Details Below

3.0 Ethics Live Interactive CE Credit Hours


$69 Afternoon Only/$129 Full Day through 9/15/23

$79 Afternoon Only/$149 Full Day through 9/15/23

$59 Afternoon/$115 Full Day/person for Groups 3+

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Target Audience

Mental Health Professionals including Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Psychologists, Addictions Counselors, other mental health professionals.

Course Level


Course Instructor

Brooks Zitzmann, PhD, LCSW | Assistant Professor of Social Work

Brooks Zitzmann, PhD, LCSW | Assistant Professor of Social Work
Brooks Zitzmann, PhD, LCSW | Assistant Professor of Social Work

Dr. Brooks Zitzmann is a social work faculty member at The Catholic University of America. There she has taught a 3-credit course on professional social work ethics since 2016, and she is currently the lead ethics instructor. Prior to joining the faculty, Dr. Zitzmann engaged in direct practice for 5 years in her hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana. During that time, she served as a clinical social worker with young adults providing individual psychotherapy and co-facilitating process groups. She also served as Chair of Take Back the Night in New Orleans, organizing community members to end sexual violence. She now maintains a small private practice. Dr. Zitzmann holds doctoral and master's degrees in social work. In addition, she holds degrees in biology, religious studies, and the intersections of science and religion. These diverse backgrounds inform her research interests in spirituality and environmental justice.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the key elements of the clinical supervisory role

  • Identify at least three aspects of an effective relational supervisor

  • Identify at least one strategy for reinforcing a positive focus in supervision

  • Evaluate the impact of positive supervision practice on employee wellbeing and direct client services

  • Write a plan for implementing at least one practice.

After attending this training, participants will be able to...

Course Agenda

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